About Us

Papa Tom Bonnecaze
Bonnecaze Farms was established by my father, Tom Bonnecaze, Sr. more than 25 years ago. It started out as a hobby to fill his time after retirement. With much help and support from my mother, Lucille, they grew peppers which were hand-picked, dried and ground to make red pepper for sale and to use in Papa Tom’s Louisiana Seasoning Mix. They grew corn to make cornmeal which was ground using his stone grist mill. These products were sold in the beginning at the local farmer’s market. They soon expanded the line of products to include stone ground yellow grits, organic oatmeal, corn and rice fish fry. Every product was marked for excellence.

Sadly, Papa Tom passed away in May 2013. A few years prior to Papa’s passing, I learned the product processing under his eagle-eyed supervision, and today the legacy he left behind continues. No longer is Bonnecaze Farms just a hobby. Today, Bonnecaze Farms is a thriving business. At Bonnecaze Farms we strive to maintain the same principles, hard work, and dedication that Papa Tom exhibited in every aspect of his life and his business.

~ Ronny Bonnecaze