Fried Grits Cakes - Stoneground Grits Recipes

Fried Grits Cakes start with slow cooked stoneground grits: These grits cakes make a great accompaniment to any main dish, or as a delicious snack any time of day. This is a great way to use leftover grits.
Prep Time 1 hour
Cook Time 15 minutes
Course Side Dish
Cuisine Southern


  • Frying Pan


  • 1 Recipe Slow Cooked Papa Tom’s Stone ground Grits Slow Cooked Grits Recipe:
  • Canola or Vegetable Oil For Frying
  • Other Seasonings as desired


  • Spoon the hot grits onto a medium size baking sheet to make a layer about 3/4-inch deep. Refrigerate to chill thoroughly, at least 1 hour.
  • When the grits are cold and firm, cut them into rectangular pieces or rounds.
  • Heat about 1/4-inch of vegetable oil in a large, heavy skillet over medium-high heat. Fry the grits cakes until lightly or golden brown on both sides, about three to four minutes each side.



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